Goodbye UKCAT, hello UCAT

Goodbye UKCAT, hello UCAT

3 years ago by Stan

As of January 2019, the UKCAT (United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test) will now be known as the UCAT (University Clinical Aptitude Test).

The UKCAT Consortium of Universities was originally established in 2006 to address British Universities’ concerns with selection fairness to their medical and dental programmes from an ever-increasing cohort of high achieving applicants. The consortium introduced the UKCAT to examine the range of non-knowledge based skills that it deems necessary to become a good doctor, such as verbal reasoning, problem-solving, decision making, numerical skills and situational judgment skills.

The UKCAT consortium has now decided to work in collaboration with a similar group of Universities in Australia and New Zealand and has changed its name to the UCAT Consortium.

So, what does this change from UKCAT to UCAT mean for your application to a university medical or dental degree programme? The biggest change is that it simply means that you can now avail of the very best UCAT preparation resources available, from the leaders in medical admissions testing in Australia, New Zealand and Ireland: MedEntry UCAT Prep.

Other than that, the structure of the UCAT is the same as the UKCAT, with five different subtests:

  • UCAT Verbal Reasoning
  • UCAT Decision Making
  • UCAT Quantitative Reasoning
  • UCAT Abstract Reasoning
  • UCAT Situational Judgement

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We will be posting regular blogs on all things UCAT from now until your test in Summer/Autumn 2019.

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