Medentry UCAT Question Bank Launched!

Medentry UCAT Question Bank Launched!

1 year ago by Stan

MedEntry is delighted to have launched our new UCAT QBank: the most advanced, personalised and comprehensive UCAT question bank available.

The MedEntry QBank has three key sections:

  • Get Practicing: where you can generate UCAT quizzes or drills
  • Performance: where you can easily review your performance in each UCAT subtest and each UCAT question type
  • History: where you can review all your past UCAT QBank attempts

We will go through each of these sections in detail.


With MedEntry’s QBank, practicing for UCAT is as easy as 1, 2, 3! Generate a UCAT quiz or drill in three easy steps:

  • Step 1: choose which UCAT subtest you would like to practice. Progress indicators in the top left of the buttons show you what proportion of UCAT questions you have already completed from that UCAT subtest:

  • Step 2: choose which UCAT question category or UCAT skill you would like to practice. This feature enables you to easily target your weak areas. Alternatively, choose Randomised to start practicing all UCAT question types from that UCAT subtest:

  • Step 3: choose your timing conditions and the number of UCAT questions you would like to practice. There are two modes:

Timed mode allows you to choose how many UCAT questions you would like to attempt, or how long you would like to spend on your UCAT practice. If you select this mode, a countdown timer will appear during your UCAT QBank attempt.

Untimed mode allows you tojust get started” with a single UCAT question or unit! Once you have completed the UCAT question, you will have the option to continue attempting more UCAT questions, or review the questions you’ve done.

After selecting your preferred UCAT timing mode, click Go! to start the quiz:

After a UCAT QBank attempt, you will be provided with detailed information on your performance:

  • Navigate: in this area, you can see at a glance which UCAT questions you answered correctly or incorrectly. Simply click on the UCAT question to open it for review.
  • Timing: in this area, you can easily see how long you spent on each UCAT question. Hover over a UCAT question to see how your timing compares to the average MedEntry student:
  • Performance: here you can see how you have performed in these UCAT questions compared to other MedEntry students who have attempted these same UCAT questions.
  • Review your attempt: this section allows you to easily review all UCAT questions, or specifically your incorrect UCAT questions.
  • Keep practicing: this area allows you to quickly begin a new attempt of the same UCAT question type, or change to a different UCAT question type.


In the Performance section, you will find a sophisticated overall UCAT performance page, containing graphs which show your UCAT performance compared to other MedEntry students.

Graph 1: Question Performance

This graph shows how you have performed at each UCAT question type in comparison to other MedEntry students. The average bar shows how students performed on the same UCAT questions that you have attempted.

In the example above, we can see that the student has performed better than average at UCAT Decision Making and UCAT Quantitative Reasoning, but below average at UCAT Verbal Reasoning. You can also click on a specific UCAT subtest to view more detailed information:

Graph 2: Your attempted questions by UCAT subtest

This bubble chart shows a representation of how many UCAT questions you have attempted in each UCAT subtest, in addition to your performance.

The diameter of each circle indicates the number of UCAT questions you have attempted, whereas the position on the y-axis indicates how many of these UCAT questions were answered correctly.

The dynamic QBank History page displays a summary of your UCAT question bank attempts, whether in progress or complete. The history page also indicates which UCAT question types were practiced:

Note: if you completed a UCAT Practice Drill before the release of the MedEntry QBank, it will be available for review in the QBank history page:

Even More Features Coming Soon

Our IT engineers are continuing to develop more features for the MedEntry QBank to make it even more innovative and personalised. This includes additional performance graphs, an option to have your UCAT drills curated by MedEntry, and even more quality UCAT questions added to the QBank.

Just another way MedEntry delivers effective, top quality UCAT preparation for our students.

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