New UCAT Exam Review Page

New UCAT Exam Review Page

1 year ago by Stan

MedEntry has developed an innovative new UCAT Exam Review Page that displays detailed feedback in a series of interactive graphs. This blog outlines the key features.

Overall UCAT Percentile Ranking

This graph shows your UCAT percentile ranking (compared to other MedEntry students who attempted the UCAT exam) as well as an estimated UCAT scaled score. This information is displayed on a curve, which graphically depicts your UCAT ranking in comparison to other students:

% Answered Correctly

These horizontal bars show how many UCAT questions you answered correctly in each UCAT subtest, in comparison to the average.

Individual Subtest Feedback

You can switch between the overall UCAT performance layout and UCAT subtest specific feedback by clicking the toggle buttons.

This will display a graph for your chosen UCAT subtest. It will also show a more specific breakdown of the number of UCAT questions you answered correctly in each category, compared to the average:

Navigation and Timing

To view your UCAT timing performance, click on the Navigation & Timing button:

This displays a graph outlining how long you spent on each UCAT question, and other information including:

  • How long you spent on each UCAT question (indicated by the height of the vertical lines) and how you performed (the colour of the lines indicate whether your response was correct, incorrect or partially correct)
  • Bullet points indicating how long (on average) students who answered the UCAT question correctly spent on the question
  • The ability to click on a vertical line to view that particular UCAT question

You can also switch to a UCAT subtest specific view, which also contains a dotted line indicating the optimal recommended time to spend on each UCAT question (based on the subtest’s time limit):

Question Responses Timeline

Beneath the main graphs on this page, a horizontal timeline appears:

This graph depicts how long you spent on each UCAT question, and a horizontal dotted line indicates the optimal average time to spend on questions in each subtest. This will help you identify at a glance how you are performing in each UCAT subtest, as well as viewing timing data.

By clicking on a particular subtest, you will view the more detailed information in Performance region.

Retry This Exam

MedEntry has updated the UCAT exam retry block with a simplified layout, enabling you to quickly retry any questions that you answered incorrectly:

Once you have retried any incorrectly answered UCAT questions, more detailed information will appear here:

Review Your UCAT Attempt

This block enables you to quickly navigate to the UCAT exam review, or directly to the subset of questions that were answered incorrectly or flagged during your attempt.

Report Card

At the top-right of the page, you can click to view the printable report card:

This document includes information about your performance in comparison to other students, recommended areas for improvement, and detailed graphs/diagrams relating to your results.

Hidden Percentile Rankings

Some students prefer to hide their UCAT percentile rankings for various reasons. This option can be set on the Profile/Settings page, and all graphs displaying percentile information (as well as the report card) will be hidden:

This feedback information is incredibly valuable in helping you prepare for UCAT in an efficient and effective manner. It will help you easily identify your weaknesses and refine your UCAT timing technique.

Just another way MedEntry helps our students ace UCAT!

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