Prepare for UCAT using MedEntry’s replica UCAT Platform

Prepare for UCAT using MedEntry’s replica UCAT Platform

3 years ago by Stan


When preparing for UCAT, it is essential that you practice answering questions using the same platform that you will be using on UCAT test day. Practicing on a UCAT computer-based platform has several advantages:

  • You will get used to using the important, unique features of the UCAT platform, including keyboard shortcuts, and the ‘flag’ and ‘review’ functions
  • Research has consistently shown that practicing in a format that closely simulates a real exam significantly boosts performance
  • The computer-based system will become familiar to you, which will significantly reduce stress on UCAT test day
  • You will be well ahead of others who have not practiced sufficiently using the UCAT computer based platform


MedEntry UCAT Preparation is committed to providing students with the highest quality preparation. To deliver on this promise we have developed a powerful, fully fledged replica of the UCAT Platform. All functions of the Live UCAT exam are accurately simulated to ensure our students are extremely familiar with the exam day platform.

All practice questions, drills and practice exams are provided to students on this platform.

Just one of the reasons why MedEntry is the best UCAT preparation provider around.