Registrations for UCAT UK 2021 Now Open!

Registrations for UCAT UK 2021 Now Open!

1 year ago by Stan

Registrations to sit UCAT UK 2021 are open. You can now create a Pearson VUE web account. Account registrations will be open until 22nd September 2021.

You will need to register for the test personally. If you already have an account with Pearson VUE, you should use that existing account.

You will need to register with your legal name, exactly as it appears on the photo ID you intend to present when you sit your test. You might not be able to sit the test if it is not an exact match.

During registration you will need to provide the information requested in the linked document.


UCAT Test Bookings

UCAT test bookings will not be open until 28th June. We suggest you record this date into your calendar and plan to book your UCAT test as soon as bookings open, to ensure you secure the time, date and location that best suits you.

The plan at this stage is for UCAT UK 2021 to proceed in the standard manner (in person, at Pearson VUE testing sites). Online testing with remote proctoring will be available in case candidates are not able to sit the UCAT test in person, for example, due to COVID-19 concerns.


Bursary and Access Arrangements

You will be able to Apply for a Bursary or Access Arrangements before bookings open.

It is advised that if you wish to apply for a bursary or access arrangements, you do so as early as possible so that you can make your booking as soon as they open (on 28th June). This will ensure that you do not miss out on your preferred date.


UCAT Bursary Scheme

UCAT UK Bursary Scheme enables UK candidates in financial need to sit the UCAT for free. To see if you are eligible for a UCAT Bursary visit the Bursary Scheme page on the UCAT UK website.

While bursaries can be applied for after the UCAT test is booked, it is easier to get it approved before booking, rather than having to email Pearson VUE Customer Services and ask for a refund. So applying before UCAT test bookings open would be best.


UCAT Access Arrangements

Access arrangements need to be arranged in advance and some require you to apply for approval before you can book a UCAT test. Testing without access arrangements in place will not be accepted as a mitigating circumstance.

UCAT UK’s Access Arrangements page has details on what access arrangements are available and how to apply for them.

And don’t forget quality UCAT preparation!


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