UCAT UK Score to Percentile Calculator

UCAT UK Score to Percentile Calculator

1 year ago by Stan

UCAT Official has released UCAT test statistics to help you see how your UCAT score compares to other candidates. However, the data only shows you your UCAT decile - it does not provide your actual UCAT percentile.

MedEntry has released a calculator that will help you convert your UCAT scores into estimated UCAT percentile rankings.

You can find the calculator here: https://www.medentry.co.uk/ucat-percentile-calculator

Simply enter in your UCAT scaled scores for each UCAT subtest, and you will be provided with an estimated UCAT percentile ranking for the cognitive subtests, and a separate estimated percentile ranking for the UCAT Situational Judgement test.

This information will help you interpret your UCAT UK score and assess your chances of entering a course that requires UCAT. It will also help you in deciding which universities to apply to in UCAS.

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