Frequently Asked Questions

Online Learning Platform

We suggest you begin with Module 1: How to prepare for UCAT (you will find it in the ‘Learn’ section). This module provides comprehensive guidance on the best way to use the Online Learning Platform to prepare for UCAT.

It is not the number of hours that you spend on UCAT preparation that is important - rather, it is what you do during that time which matters. The most efficient way to prepare is to complete a full length exam under timed conditions early in your preparation, identify your weakest areas, and work on them. In general, however, we suggest setting aside about 10% of your study time for UCAT preparation.

Very occasionally, there may be issues with accessing the Online Learning Platform. The issue will normally resolve within a couple of minutes. If you have ongoing issues, please contact us (and include details of the error with screenshots if possible) so our IT engineers can investigate the issue.

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