Frequently Asked Questions

Products & Services

You can access all your products online, via this website. As soon as payment is confirmed, you will be provided with access to MedEntry’s Online Learning Platform (OLP). This will allow you to access all of your materials.

To login, click on the "Login to OLP" button under the picture on the home page or visit MyMedEntry. Then simply log in using your username and password (which you chose when you registered a MedEntry account) and click the 'Launch OLP' button. You can access your products from any computer in the world that has access to the internet.

Online export support is included in Platinum and Diamond packages, and those students with Weekly Classes. Students with these packages can request help with any specific question or resource on the MedEntry platform and an expert online tutor will respond. This allows students to obtain expert help with difficult UCAT questions and concepts, which is invaluable for learning.

In contrast, online package students can only access help with specific questions and resources from other MedEntry students (via community forums and discussion on the online learning platform).

All students who have any package with MedEntry can contact the office for any general queries about UCAT preparation and medical entry.

If you have not previously been able to access the OLP, please see how to disable some of the most commonly used popup blockers. Please only send an email to MedEntry AFTER you have tried the detailed instructions in the PDF.

Very occasionally, technical problems with the website and OLP may arise. Usually these problems resolve within a couple of hours. If you are unable to log into the OLP, but have previously been able to, please try logging in again after about an hour. If it is still not working, please contact us and we will endeavour to fix the problem as soon as possible.

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