The UK’s Most Successful Medical / Dental Interview Training

It may be the most important interview of your life. Your future opportunities will depend on your ability to secure a prized place at one of the most prestigious medical schools in the UK.

The stakes could not be higher.

Without the right strategies, resources and practice regime, you could miss an opportunity to study medicine. But with MedEntry’s proven strategies, virtual trainers, and personal coaching you'll walk into your interview feeling calm and confident.

Don’t stumble at this critical hurdle. Know the questions, practice your responses and be the confident individual top universities are looking for.

  • Learn the questions
  • Develop the right MMI strategies
  • Practice online with a virtual trainer
  • Be coached online by an expert
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University interviewers want to see the real you

We don’t teach you to deliver rehearsed responses that will sound robotic and generic. We arm you with skills and techniques that develop your ability to quickly consider questions and provide unique answers.

You’ll have access to an extensive MMI bank, including questions from the university interview you’ll be facing. Video trainers will help you understand the reasoning behind each question. And to ensure you deliver articulate responses, you’ll be able to record and review your answers. If you choose to share your recordings, you can even listen to the responses of the MedEntry community to learn different ways of approaching the same problem.

If you struggle in interview situations or you’re competing for a place at one of the top medical schools, you can dramatically improve your interview technique with one-on-one coaching. During the five sessions with interview experts, you can concentrate on any element of your preparation. It’s your choice. Focus on specific questions, articulation, and stress management, or use the time to conduct mock interviews.

The skills you learn with MedEntry’s proven interview training techniques will help you negotiate this critical hurdle and launch the career you’ve always dreamed of.

3 Steps Closer to a Career in
Medicine / Dentistry


MMI Bank

For 25 years, MedEntry has been documenting and analysing the questions asked by medical schools. No other organisation has an MMI Bank that’s as accurate or advanced. With MedEntry’s online tools, you don’t just have access to questions: you’ll also be able to practice responses, record your answers and simulate interviews.

  • Access the UK’s best MMI Bank
  • Create video recordings of your responses
  • Optional: share your recordings and access community responses

Interview Guide

Go beyond the MMI banks to understand the strategies and techniques that make MedEntry students excel in interview scenarios. Don’t just scan the interview banks - understand the aim of each question and study a range of sample responses so you can shape individual responses that sound well-informed and natural.

  • Learn every strategy with a step-by-step guide
  • Read an in-depth analysis of every question
  • See a range of sample responses

One-on-one Interview Tutoring

Work with an interview expert who understands the rationale behind each panel’s questions. The goal of each session is entirely up to you. You can use your sessions to focus on challenging questions, delve deeper into interview strategies, learn exercises to reduce stress or test your skills during a mock interview.

  • 5 hours of interview tutoring conducted online
  • Work with an interview expert to improve
  • Sessions personalised to your needs

MMI Bank + Interview Guide

Interview Tutoring

Receive five hours of online tutoring with an experienced interview tutor. You can set the agenda of your one-on-one coaching sessions, including strategy, stress management, practice, or testing your skills during mock interviews. If you find interview situations challenging or you’re competing with elite students, these sessions will be invaluable.

Personal Statement Review

MedEntry provides detailed analysis and recommendations for improvement. We understand your application is one of the most important written forms you’ll ever submit, so we take extra time and care to make sure your application stands out, and will meet the specific priorities of the university.

Please allow at least 3 working days for your application to be reviewed and returned to you.

Interview FAQs



95% of students who have undergone our full training program have been successful in obtaining a place in one or more medical schools. Psychometric and personality tests (such as the UCAT and interviews) rely on the fact that the candidates do not prepare, so testers/interviewers actively discourage candidates from preparing. They do this by propagating various myths such as: preparation does not help; it will be a waste of resources; preparation may hinder your performance; interviewers are trained to pick up those who are coached, etc. Accredited testers/interviewers know that such organisations go to great lengths to place fear in candidates to ensure they do not prepare, precisely because preparation works!

If it is really true that you can't prepare for interviews, universities should have no objection to interview preparation (rather than actively discouraging students from preparing). Even if there is evidence that answers come across as rehearsed, interviewers have to give you the benefit of the doubt (they will assume you are smart/motivated to prepare and think about the relevant issues).


For guidance on how to write a Personal Statement, login to your account, launch the Online Platform and from the side, click on University Admissions.  Then read the Personal Statement Guide for help in writing your statement.

To have your Personal Statement reviewed, click on My Purchases and then Extra Purchase Options.  Select Personal Statement Review and purchase. Once you have paid for this service, login and upload your statement (in Microsoft Word format) by clicking on 'My Purchases' and then Personal Statement.

Please Note:

- Each Personal Statement Review is valid for one application.

- Please ensure that you allow at least three working days to process your statement.

- Statements must be submitted in Microsoft Word format. If they are submitted in any other format, it will be difficult to provide feedback.

Once your statement is reviewed, it will be emailed back to you with feedback recorded using the 'Track Changes' feature of Microsoft Word.


Please allow at least 3 working days for your application to be reviewed and returned to you. If you need your application reviewed urgently, we may be able to do so. Please contact us.


Yes. You can have your personal statement re-reviewed once more after you have made the suggested changes. To arrange this, please email the application to MedEntry. Please allow at least an additional 3 days for your application to be re-reviewed and returned to you.


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