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The University of Oxford Medical School provides a Medicine (A100) Course


Your chances of being short-listed rest on a number of factors, although Oxford relies heavily on BMAT scores and GCSE performance (where available) during short-listing. You should bear in mind that as they short-list the same number of applicants every year, and they use two variables (which carry the same weight), there is no actual BMAT cut-off. How well you need to do in BMAT will be entirely dependent on how well every other applicant does, and how well you have done in GCSEs (if you have taken them). A slightly weaker performance at GCSE may be compensated for by a very good BMAT score, and vice-versa. However, to offer a rough guide, Oxford would suggest that the typical average applicant should be working towards a 6 (a 7 is still fairly rare) in sections 1 or 2; do note that sections 1 and 2 receive greater weighting (40% each) than section 3 (20%).

Personal Statement

Considered by admissions tutors alongside all other aspects of the application for those that didn't make the initial shortlist. Candidates may choose to explain how they meet the selection criteria, which encompass academic fit and personal characteristics that relate to suitability for medicine.

Academic Requirements

GCSE Requirements

GCSE Requrements for University of Oxford Medical School are:

  • Maths - Grade 4 minimum if not offered at A level
  • English - No requirements
  • Science - Grade 4 minimum in Biology and Physics if not offered at A level
  • Other requiremants - No other requirements

GCSEs are scored by combining the proportion of 8/9 grades at GCSE and number of 8/9 grades at GCSE (with equal weighting), and considered in the context of academic achievement at your school. For those shortlisted for interview who had taken GCSEs, the mean number of A*/8/9s at GCSE was 10.2 and the mean proportion of A*/8/9s at GCSE was 0.94 in 2019. GCSEs make up 50% of the weighting in scoring for interview

A-levels or Scottish Higher requirements.

A*AA at A level achieved in one sitting, to include Chemistry, plus at least one of Biology, Physics or Maths. Excluding Critical Thinking, thinking skills, or General Studies.

AAAAA at Scottish Highers.

AA in Advanced Highers including Chemistry and one of Biology, Physics or Maths.

International Baccalaureate

39 points, including core points, with 7,6,6 at Higher Level. Candidates are required to take Chemistry and a second science (Biology or Physics) and/or Maths to Higher Level.

Graduate Applicant Degree Requirements

Students with degrees may apply for the standard course. There are no places specifically reserved for graduates, and there is no separate application process. Graduates are in open competition with school-leavers, and need to fulfil the same entrance requirements.

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