Our Story

Two decades ago, when Dr Ray Boyapati and Dr Ann Deely were preparing for their exams, medical entry preparation was unreliable with misleading resources and ineffective teaching techniques.

Our story

Despite excelling in their exams, both obtaining the 100th percentile and scholarships to study medicine, Ray and Ann never forgot how difficult and nerve-racking their preparation had been. They realised hundreds of students were facing the same stressful and potentially career-damaging process, year after year. There had to be a better way of supporting students and ensuring the best talent made it through the arduous process of medical entry.

Ray and Ann knew they could create a medical entry program which was better. Much better.

With the help of Edward, a university academic with numerous teaching awards and publications, they set about creating the highest quality and most comprehensive medical entry preparation program available. MedEntry was born.

No resources were invested in marketing, yet the word spread among students, and MedEntry quickly grew. Fast forward two decades and MedEntry is now the leading medical entry preparation provider in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom.

MedEntry employs hundreds of staff, tutors and contractors across the world. MedEntry has become synonymous with ‘medical entry’ and is the trusted medical entry organisation, chosen by the best prospective medical students.

Ray and Ann are now highly awarded specialist practising consultants (in Gastroenterology and Dermatology respectively) and have each taught over 10,000 aspiring medical students over the past two decades.

MedEntry’s sole aim remains to provide the highest quality preparation program to help students in their journey to becoming a doctor.

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Ray & Ann get into med school


MedEntry established


MedEntry expands to New Zealand


Establishment of head office


Online Learning Platform launched


RTO recognition


Rural partnerships


Dedicated in-house IT team hired


MedEntry expands to Ireland


Ray & Ann become consultant specialists


Mobile App Launched


MedEntry expands to the United Kingdom


Worldwide tutor network hits 300

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