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After 12 years of school, the main obstacle between you and a successful career in medicine is the UCAT; an exam unlike anything you’ve ever faced. But don’t worry, MedEntry’s personalised preparation tools and expert guidance will help you ace the UCAT.

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5 Ways To Ace The UCAT

Walk into the UCAT, confident that you’ll achieve a score
that puts you in control of your career.

Advanced Online UCAT Training

Be trained by an intuitive virtual coach that turns weaknesses into strengths and challenges you to achieve top scores.

The UK’s most important UCAT event

Dr Ray’s famous UCAT workshop is the game changing live event that gives students the strategies and self-belief to master the UCAT.

The MedEntry App

Study anywhere, any time with the only purpose-built UCAT app for iOS & Android. Take advantage of those few minutes on the bus or waiting for a class.

One-on-one Tutoring By Experts

MedEntry carefully selects and develops tutors who have finished in the 97th+ percentile. Be trained by the best of the best.

Dynamic classroom environment

Be trained by UCAT experts during fun and collaborative group sessions that eliminate common UCAT obstacles.

The World’s Most Advanced UCAT Training Tool

A team of dedicated doctors, academics and software developers have collaborated to develop the MedEntry Online Platform - an AI-powered virtual coach that challenges you, understands your progress and pushes you to improve. Every UCAT preparation course has practice questions, but none has a tool as advanced or comprehensive as the MedEntry Online Platform.

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Included in: All UCAT Preparation Packages

20,000 questions
20+ Exams, 40+ Subtest Mocks
Interactive Video Guides
Exact Replica UCAT Platform
Personalised AI Coaching
Smartphone App
Dark Mode
8 Gamified Skills Trainers
Interactive Study Planner
Detailed Analytics
20,000 UCAT questions
20+ Practice Exams
Interactive Video Guides
Exact Replica UCAT Platform
Personalised AI Coaching
Smartphone App
Dark Mode
Skills Trainer
Interactive Study Planner
Detailed Analytics

Why You Need To Attend Dr Ray’s UCAT Workshop

You may spend hundreds of hours practising on the Online Platform, but the two days you spend with Dr Ray will dramatically boost your efficiency, motivation and confidence.

Dr Ray is the world’s leading UCAT expert, and has guided more than 20,000 students into exciting and rewarding careers in medicine. He is a practising specialist, university lecturer and master of UCAT preparation. Dr Ray has devoted 20 years to coaching students in proven techniques that help them claim their place at the most prestigious medical schools in the UK.

  • Exclusive to MedEntry
  • Personally run by Dr Ray
  • Fun, enjoyable and interactive
  • Over 4,000 Five Star Reviews Globally
  • Hear from UCAT top scorers on their secrets to success
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Included in: Premium and Comprehensive Packages


The MedEntry App:
Study Anywhere, Any Time
And On Any Device!

MedEntry’s custom smartphone app is an intuitive and fun way to boost your UCAT scores. Enjoy all the features of the Online Learning Platform on an exclusive app designed by MedEntry’s top UCAT experts and inhouse software development team. You won’t find this incredible training tool anywhere else!

  • Available on IOS or Android
  • Includes all platform features
  • Syncs your scores and stats in real time
  • Easy-to-use and reliable
  • Included in every MedEntry package
  • Try before you buy

Boost Your UCAT Score With One-on-one Coaching

For the most talented and ambitious students, acing the UCAT is essential.

MedEntry’s UCAT tutors will help you unlock your true potential. One-on-one tutoring provides premium and personalised preparation that the best students need to become the country’s next generation of elite medical practitioners.

Other UCAT preparation courses offer tutors who have simply passed the UCAT. MedEntry guarantees you get a one-on-one coach who achieved the 97th+ percentile. These are the elite tutors who mastered MedEntry’s strategies and techniques, acing the UCAT and ensuring they gained entry to the top medical schools.

  • All tutors scored 97th+ percentile
  • Virtual tutoring for your convenience
  • Personalised and tailored for you
  • Flexible scheduling
  • 10 x one-hour sessions
  • Add more hours at any time
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More Than 4,000 5-star Reviews Globally

When it comes to promoting the superior technology, services and staff at MedEntry, nothing beats the glowing reviews of our former students. Watch the video testimonials to understand the critical role MedEntry has played in the careers of 20,000 doctors.

Venkatesh R


Everything about Medentry is exceptional! They are very much dedicated and are passionate in helping students prepare for success. The quality is also excellent, as get everything to be proper preparation for the UCAT. 10/10 will recommend this to anyone.

Eleanor Wheatley


MedEntry made my UCAT preparation so much more streamlined, stress free and drastically improved my exam result. Dr Ray is amazing and all of the doctors and med students that were involved in our workshop provided really constructive advice, as well as creating questions that really prepare you for the exam. I cannot recommend MedEntry enough!

Terry Zhai


Amazing platform!!! I would highly recommend this to anyone wishing to excel in their UCAT preparation. Dr Ray was extremely helpful in the 2 day workshop, guiding me through the UCAT journey and giving me hope and motivation throughout until even after the UCAT. Their communication is superb and always gets back to you within a few business days. If you are a person wanting to get into the top percentiles of UCAT, it would be essential to use this platform!!!

Chev Seeva


Very helpful in preparation for the UCAT. Thanks to the program, Abstract Reasoning was a breeze and it helped me get a score much higher than what I was aiming for.

Elham Hafiz


Dr Ray has a wealth of knowledge, and is really good at relaying it. If you're considering Medicine, I highly recommend going for Medentry to prepare.

Chris Brown


I am so appreciative and grateful for MedEntry and how much it helped me understand the UCAT exam and improve on my own abilities. Every part of it was perfectly made to provide me with a comprehensive understanding of each subtest and the skills I would require to excel in them. There were numerous ways in which I could utilise the program to work on specific skills, subtests and sit entire exams - even with rest breaks after each subtest. MedEntry is an extremely complete and effective way to understand and ace the UCAT.

Nishit Mistry


Honestly the best platform to learn UCAT. I had the platinum package and the workshop is incredibly helpful. 1 workshop lasts for 3 day and 8 hours each day!! and it is live interactive lecture with Dr Ray and many other valuable guest and their experiences. Majority of the workshop is testing each subset and comprehensively going through each question with Dr Ray!!! Incredible platform created by Dr Ray and a big shout out to the MedEntry team. Thank you Dr Ray!!

Paul Gillespie


This is an amazing resource and I would recommend it to anyone sitting the UCAT! The tutors, online learning platform and weekly classes provided me with the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a high grade in the UCAT exam. I will be forever grateful to Dr Ray and his professional team for their help in getting me to where I want to be!

Lucy Knight


The 2-day workshop was very insightful and provided me with many good tips and strategies for each section. The online learning package was also an extremely valuable resource. The questions and mock exams closely resembled the actual UCAT exam and were invaluable in helping me prepare. The percentiles and scaled scores obtained in each mock test also seemed to be fairly consistent with the actual test and allowed me to go in feeling confident and well prepared. I would definitely recommend MedEntry to anyone hoping to do the UCAT next year!

James Maddison


Great online resources and really enjoyed the workshop which was motivating with inspirational doctors running it.

Kanchna Balamuthukrishnan


Medentry has a vast range of resources for UCAT preparation that caters to various learning styles. The abundance of practice questions that assist with developing the necessary skills for UCAT, and appropriate and quick feedback for all your queries regarding entry to medicine in Australia, makes it an ideal resource for students. I would highly recommend using Medentry for UCAT preparation :)

Amanda Kirollos


I had an amazing experience at the 2day workshop in preparation to the UCAT 2020. Dr Ray Boyapati is extremely knowledgeable about the process of getting into medicine throughout Australia. During the workshop he went through all the sections of the UCAT and discussed certain strategies to achieve the highest mark. I was able to constantly ask question throughout the sessions as well as gain motivation to practice for the UCAT and effectively get into medicine! The online platform is a great recourse to practice questions in a setting very similar to the UCAT setting. I definitely recommend using MedEntry resources and attending the workshops!!

Group Discounts: Find A Study Pal And Save £30

The UCAT is tough to master on your own, so MedEntry always encourages students to create a study group. When you create a group, everyone in your team receives a £30 discount on the Premium Package, including full access to the Online Platform plus Dr Ray’s renowned UCAT Workshops.

UCAT Headstart: Begin Your Studies Early To Boost Your UCAT Score

University entrance is becoming more competitive, so many determined and ambitious students start their UCAT studies early. Distributing UCAT studies over time leads to better results and less stress in the final hectic years of school. As an incentive, we have a separate range of pricing options to ensure your initiative is rewarded.

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Premium UCAT Preparation At An Affordable Price

MedEntry’s unique tools, technology and tutors make it the premier UCAT preparation course. There are cheaper UCAT courses available, but none compare to MedEntry. When students can’t afford to leave their UCAT score to chance, they turn to us. That’s why the highest achieving medical students currently studying at university in the UK are MedEntry students.

Which package is right for you?

The non-subscription packages below are for those sitting UCAT in 2024. If you are sitting UCAT in future years, please enrol in a headstart package.


The most powerful UCAT preparation software available

  • 20,000+ Quality UCAT questions
  • 20+ Mocks, 40+ Subtest Mocks, AI powered QBank
  • Video curriculum, Skills trainers and more

Custom MedEntry Smartphone App

Ticket to Dr Ray's UCAT Workshop

  • Learn from the world's top UCAT expert
  • Two days of fun and interactive learning
  • Q&As with top-performing students

Online expert support

10 hours of virtual tutoring

Personal Statement Review Service


The most powerful UCAT preparation software available

  • 20,000+ Quality UCAT questions
  • 20+ Mocks, 40+ Subtest Mocks, AI powered QBank
  • Video curriculum, Skills trainers and more

Custom MedEntry Smartphone App

Features Comprehensive






Online learning

20,000 UCAT questions, 20+ exams, 40+ subtest mocks

check check check

Interactive curriculum with video guides

check check check

Access to the MedEntry App (iOS & Android)

check check check

Skills Trainers (pioneered by MedEntry)

check check check

Personalised / AI feedback

check check check

Predicted scores and detailed performance analytics

check check check

Replica UCAT platform

check check check

Interactive study planner (integrated, with reminders)

check check check

Comprehensive knowledge base and community support

check check check

Online expert support

check check close

Dr Ray's UCAT Workshop

check check close

Hours of live UCAT training and guidance

check check close

Advice from UCAT experts

check check close

Strategies to maximize performance

check check close

One-on-one UCAT Coaching

check close close

Personal Statement Review

check close close



MedEntry's approach is holistic. We realise that entering a health science course involves much more than simply doing well in high school or university. We guide students through the whole process – providing information on university admissions procedures, training students for the UCAT and helping students tackle interviews.

MedEntry's products and services include:

The resources provided by MedEntry are much more challenging than those provided by others. Some other courses last only one to three days - MedEntry's lasts for up to 12 months or more. Since our course is by far the most popular, more able and motivated students enrol in our courses, so students have the unique opportunity to interact with more students on online forums and at the UCAT Course, thereby enhancing their thinking skills.

We realise that most of our students are studying and are very busy. Our program is comprehensive and focussed on UCAT, which means you do not need to do any other preparation.


 In general, we suggest, each week. setting aside about 10% of your study time for UCAT preparation.

However, it is not just the number of hours that you spend on UCAT preparation that is important - rather, it is what you do during that time which matters. The most efficient way to prepare is to complete a full length exam under timed conditions early in your preparation, identify your weakest areas, and work on them.


A timetable is available for the UCAT Workshop.

Starting and finishing times are subject to change so you should refer to the email that is sent to you before your UCAT Workshop for exact times.


Please check your confirmation email for the times that the workshops commence and end, or contact MedEntry. 


A group must consist of at least 2 members (you and at least one other). You can, however, invite more friends to join the group - up to a maximum of fifteen.

Please note that each member of your group must place an individual order, and must pay individually.

  1. Click on Login in the top right corner and then 'Click Here' after the words: Not registered yet.
  2. Enter your name in the First Name field.
  3. Enter your email address. Please ensure your email address is current and accessible as you will be emailed a randomly generated password. You will need this when you wish to log into MedEntry again.
  4. Your account will be created.

If you have issues registering please contact us.


Free Access to the World's Most Advanced UCAT Training Platform

Enjoy the features that make our online platform the most effective automated learning tool for UCAT preparation. This bespoke application has been developed by our team of software engineers and UCAT experts to provide an AI-powered virtual coach that helps you schedule, learn and practice.

  • Free practice exam
  • Personalised feedback and diagnostics
  • Question bank
  • Video tutorials and skills trainers

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